Container Gardening? Ask Questions!

Container Gardening can be so much more than just putting pretty flowers in a container.

Using the same design aspect that you would use with in-ground landscaping, you can create vistas for your enjoyment while you are outside. With the placement of pots in the right place you can create framing for visual blockage of unwanted views, traffic pattern and flow, accent existing landscaping, and add interest to patio furniture arrangements.


Be sure to take into consideration the style of the area that you’re going to be placing these pots in. Is the color of the container going to be crucial? Will it be something to give it a little extra punch to the design area? You need to determine if you looking for containers that are highly decorative or more standard such as Clay.

Container gardening doesn’t stop with just placing your pots in the right location. Once you place the container it’s crucial that you pick the correct plants to go in them. The most important factor to take into consideration when choosing your plants is the environment they are going to be planted in. Is it windy location? Does it receive full sun or partial sun? Are the plans going to be planted in an area that will be hard to maintain? If so you might want to use more durable plants.


Another thing to consider the fact that you might have animals or children. This would mean you would want to watch for poisonous plants or thorny plants. .

The plant materials that you use will play the biggest part of your container design. Add in the use of herbs and flowers for a please accent or even to repel unwanted past such as mosquitoes The third thing that you would want to take into consideration is your decorating style. Are you a traditional stylist or a little bit more bohemian? What is the overall effect that you’re going for? Are you trying to be conservative and a little bit old-fashioned, or are you trying for tropical effect with palms and exotic flowers?


It is important that you should have a good understanding to the answers of all these questions before you even set foot into the nursery looking for plants. If you’re lost asked for help and if you don’t feel you’re getting the right help from the people in the store that you’re at, ask for professional to come out to your site and work up a plan that will best meet your needs. You have to live with the results of what you plant and you want to be happy. So be sure to ask lots of questions and be willing to make changes if your ideas and plans don’t mix together.

But regardless if you are designing your own container gardens, or getting the help from a professional gardener, the most important thing to remember is…

Enjoy your planting experience!


Changing of the Guard

The changing of the guard.

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Down here in the south, we have more than one flower season, which means we rotate our flowers from winter annuals to summer annuals.

Worn-out flowers that are just past the stage of perfection are now being replaced with summer flowers of a tougher nature. These are flowers and plants that will tolerate intense southern sun during the daytime hours. These flowers must be heartier and very tough varieties because we have such extremes down here: we can have intense thunderstorms every afternoon at 3 o’clock or we can go for a week with no rain and high 90s. So these plants have to be durable and yet still beautiful so we can enjoy them.


But as we’re getting ready to put in the new summer annuals, does anybody really look at their old winter annuals does anybody say thank you for the months of beauty and enjoyment they gave us? Probably not. Most of us just get in there and remove the old plants, turn over the soil, add a little bit of fertilizer and get ready to plant the next batch.

Yet, those flowers we’re ripping out to throw in the garbage did give us many hours of beautiful calming enjoyment. It almost feels like we should be paying a homage to those spent flowers, just being trashed. We make no attempts to save them, really it’s not economical, but I think we should at least take pictures of that we can look back and say “wow that was really something”.


So as you change the guard with your flowers going from one season to the next take a moment and be thankful for the beauty and enjoyment that you had with last season’s batch of annuals.