The Garden View from Your Cat

The view from a different perspective.

You’re able to sit at your desk or your living room, looking out your windows and you enjoy the beautiful garden you’ve created. The flowers are in bloom and everything is looking tiptop. But if you ever stop to consider what the view would look like from another perspective?


Let’s take a look at it from the cat’s perspective. I sit and I watch my cat and I noticed that she sees things that I would never even notice. First of all she’s a little bit lower to the ground than I am, so she sees the things that are crawling and creeping along the ground.  Her ears pick up at the sounds of the lizard rushing across the mulch beds, her tail flicks and she waits. Then something else catches her eye; it is a bee buzzing in and out of the seedpods of the palm tree. I think she heard it before she saw it, but she hones right in on what is there. The squirrel jumping to the bird feeder catches her eye next as he chatters at her, warning her to stay away from his food.Grey squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis 5200

She watches and she crutches a little lower, waiting, and then a bird comes. She watches as the bird stretches its wings out and the cat must decide if she should wait & watch or pounce. Before she can make that decision, a brightly colored butterfly flutters in front of her face she jumped back a tiny bit and then reaches a paw out to try and grab it. But the butterfly just calmly moves out of her reach and goes to the next flower.


Suddenly the wind picks up and the leaves rustle above her head. She looks up, trying to figure out where the sound came from and catches the scent of jasmine blooming in the air. She twitches her nose, trying to figure out if it’s something edible or just something pleasant. As she tries to figure it out, the warm rays of the sun hit her for her.  The sunlight is warm on her fur and she stretches and crawls up in the patch of sun, ready for her afternoon nap.


Yes, it’s all a matter of perspective what your seeing your garden!


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