Enjoy the Tree’s Gift


“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” 
by Warren Buffett

The wisest people tell you to save and invest in your future and that’s really good advice. But there’s another way to invest in your future as well. That is to plant a tree that’s going to give you shade in the years to come. That small tree planted may look small in your landscape at first, compared to what your ultimate goal is, but before long with proper care; that tree will grow into a substantial part of your landscape that will give you years of benefits.


There’s nothing more rewarding than on a hot summer day to be able to sit under a shade tree and feel the difference of 4 or 5° and get away from the glare of the sun! Children seem to instinctively know to play in the shade. They build treehouses that serve as clubhouses, swing on swings, or just lay on a blanket to play with their toys. Some trees, like an old Weeping Willow can become anything from an old fort to an enchanted kingdom. All it takes is a imaginative child, and there will be hours of entertainment on a summer’s day.

picinic under shade tree

As an adult, I love to layout the blankets and read under an old shade tree.  And without a doubt, there’s something romantic and old fashioned about having a picnic under shade tree. Can you picture it?: a checkered blanket, wicker basket overflowing with food and an open bottle of wine.

But the properly chosen shade tree can also be an investment for you and can improve the property value. Placed in the right location, pruned and fertilized to encourage optimum growth; your investment is sure to pay off. With the maturity, the shade from that tree can even help lower your air conditioning bills.

There’s one other benefit that I personally enjoy is the fact that the tree becomes a home for many birds and animals that need it’s protection from the elements. There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting out in your backyard under the shade tree listening to the birds chirp and feeling at peace.


So, when the sun feels too overwhelming, grab that book, a chair and a tall ice tea.  Make your way across the lawn, and settle yourself under the protective, shady canopy your tree provides, just for you.


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