The Gift of Rain

The Gift of Rain.

The gift of rain can do so many things for us; water the crops so that we can eat, fill the lakes and ponds so that we can drink. The rain does so much more than that and it truly is a gift.


Have you ever noticed how some  much-needed rain can change your whole attitude? It can wash off the dust, clear the cobwebs to refresh and renew you. Not only can the rain renew you, the rain can change your whole outlook. On a gloomy, dismal day the sun breaks out in amongst the rain and it can create a rainbow. But, remember, that rainbow wouldn’t be possible without the rain. The gentle rainfall can be relaxing and peaceful versus the thunder and lightning and pounding rain of a good storm can be frightening. Yet, without that change of rain types we would never be able to experience all that rain has to offer.


Rain has many benefits, as you well know. It opens up the flowers, which produces seeds, which produces food. The results of a good rain will green-up your lawn and open the leaves on the trees giving this world the oxygen that it needs. And that oxygen wouldn’t be there without the green plants and the green plants wouldn’t be able to survive without the rain; are you seeing the circle we live within? Sometimes that gift of rain comes in abundance and it’s almost too much for us to handle. Other times we find ourselves praying for rain to save our farms and livestock. Whatever amounts of rain that we get we should always be grateful, because it means that our world, our precious earth, is producing and growing and surviving.


So the next time you find yourself caught in a rain storm, will you moan and groan about the inconvenience –

Or, will you be grateful for the gift of rain?


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