Yard Art

Yard Art. Almost every Gardens had it somewhere or another. And if we’re honest with ourselves we could look out our windows and find some kind of yard art somewhere on the property.


From the beautiful, ornate, timeless pieces that you find from classic artists throughout the world to the truly tasteless, yet funny, yard art that you find in and numerous backyards. Admit it; you had one or two pieces that you would really rather not give claim to. Anything from pigs and frogs to dogs squatting to do their duty; we’ve all had a piece of yard art that we put in there to make people laugh or to get people to talk.

The pieces that you select to put in your yard says a lot about you. They can proclaim to the world that you’ve got a great sense of humor, or are more whimsical or maybe you’re a button-down diehard conservative or even maybe you’re a bit old-fashioned. You’d be surprised what your garden will tell others about you.


Millions of dollars are spent every year on yard art. From the piece that can picked up at the five and dime to the piece you have professionally sculptured to meet your needs. And all that yard art may not always be stationary. Sometimes it twirls, sometimes it whirls, and sometimes it flaps in the breeze. You can use wind chimes, windmills, weather vanes and course there is the custom pieces of art that you have commissioned to fit your needs.

I think where you place your piece of yard art says a lot about you too, as well. Are you proud of it? Is this something you put out front and center for everybody to see as they drive by? Or is it something that you want people to discover and smile when they come upon it: in a little special corner of your garden.


Sometimes you have to do a little searching to find that special piece. You may walk through stores from high-end art galleries to little antique stores. You may even have your own favorite shop that you know will have that piece that just about screams “take me home- I’m yours”!

And once you get it home it may be something that only you can appreciate; there maybe others in your household but that do not find it at all appealing and they just can’t understand why you brought it home. But you just smile, say you understand their point of view and then turn around and put it where you want; because it is after all expression of yourself.

So after all this discussion I think I’m ready to hop in my car and had to my favorite Garden Center…

Who knows what I’ll find! Maybe today I’ll find my own special piece of Yard Art.


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