What Does Your Garden Say About You?

Yesterday was a day of consults and contrast and by the end of the day I found myself reflecting on all I had seen…

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I find it amazing how much the landscaping plantings reflects our own personalities. From the well-manicured lawn to the Shabby Chic Garden, each one says something about the person who lives in the house that the landscape surrounds.

It was interesting to see that the lawyer that I met with yesterday had a well-manicured lawn shrubs that work in that were perfectly trimmed to frame the view to the river. And yet on the other side of the spectrum the naturalist we met with later was a throwback from another era. Her garden had no rhyme or reason to it, but everything had its place and looked well together.

Often landscaping not only reflects our personality, it reflects our needs for more practical applications. We may have a need for privacy and we plant plants will give us that, screening out the properties around us. Shade is an important element in any landscape, so planting tall trees with over lapping canopies become a necessity. Then there magnificent views that need to be shown off and enjoyed to the fullest. The landscaping around this area is actually used frame in the view and show it off to it’s full of potential.

And don’t forget the nature lovers who invite the birds and squirrels and any other little critters who want to make their home into their garden. They plant specifically to attract these type of animals; butterfly gardens are all the rage right now and when you plant a butterfly garden you’ll other birds as well.

So what kind of landscape do you have? Does really reflect your personality? Is your garden manicured and immaculate? Or are you more of a free-flowing nature loving gardener? Maybe you a little bit of both.

Take a look outside your window to actually see what’s out there, and find out how true your landscape is to your personality.


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