The Sound of the Garden

  The Sounds of Your Garden

There are those who will tell you the garden is the quietest spot to spend an afternoon, but I beg to differ. The garden is full of all kinds of sounds; you just have to take a moment and truly listen.

Sure, there are all the everyday sounds we hear all the time outside; children playing hard, doors slamming, the sound of music coming out of the window, conversations between neighbors…the list goes on. But those are all man-made sounds and we want to talk about the sounds of Nature’s Garden


When you listen to your garden there are many things will stand out right away for you. Do you hear the bull frog croaking loudly, the cackle of a crow as he steals his food from another bird, the chattering of the Blue jay as she chases the intruder from her nest? Is there a dog barking or a lawn mower manicuring the lawn?

Then there are the second level sounds; a bit more quiet. Sounds that you hear, that you really have to listen for. Like the sounds of the Katydid Beetle in the heat of the summer beating its wings to make its distinctive sound, the sound of a Ground Dove cooing as it makes its way around the ground to get to her nest, the sound of a Mockingbird speaking to other birds using the five or six different tones it has in its repertoire – almost as if he’s having a conversation with each type of bird. You may hear a tapping from the Woodpecker’s beak as he searches for food in the bark of the shade tree you so enjoy. From this to the chattering of the Squirrels as they run across the yard playing tag with playing tag each other. No, wait a minute… listen a little closer and you will hear it. There’s a buzzing of a Bee as it goes from flower to flower gathering nectar and there is the beating of a Dragonflies wings as it settles itself on top of a pond of water looking for a drink.


Yes if you listen closely you can hear all kinds of adventures going on in your garden. So I have a challenge for you: take your lawn chair out and settle yourself in the center of your garden. Close your eyes, and really listen. What are the sound you hear?


Just what does your garden trying to tell you?

Yard Art

Yard Art. Almost every Gardens had it somewhere or another. And if we’re honest with ourselves we could look out our windows and find some kind of yard art somewhere on the property.


From the beautiful, ornate, timeless pieces that you find from classic artists throughout the world to the truly tasteless, yet funny, yard art that you find in and numerous backyards. Admit it; you had one or two pieces that you would really rather not give claim to. Anything from pigs and frogs to dogs squatting to do their duty; we’ve all had a piece of yard art that we put in there to make people laugh or to get people to talk.

The pieces that you select to put in your yard says a lot about you. They can proclaim to the world that you’ve got a great sense of humor, or are more whimsical or maybe you’re a button-down diehard conservative or even maybe you’re a bit old-fashioned. You’d be surprised what your garden will tell others about you.


Millions of dollars are spent every year on yard art. From the piece that can picked up at the five and dime to the piece you have professionally sculptured to meet your needs. And all that yard art may not always be stationary. Sometimes it twirls, sometimes it whirls, and sometimes it flaps in the breeze. You can use wind chimes, windmills, weather vanes and course there is the custom pieces of art that you have commissioned to fit your needs.

I think where you place your piece of yard art says a lot about you too, as well. Are you proud of it? Is this something you put out front and center for everybody to see as they drive by? Or is it something that you want people to discover and smile when they come upon it: in a little special corner of your garden.


Sometimes you have to do a little searching to find that special piece. You may walk through stores from high-end art galleries to little antique stores. You may even have your own favorite shop that you know will have that piece that just about screams “take me home- I’m yours”!

And once you get it home it may be something that only you can appreciate; there maybe others in your household but that do not find it at all appealing and they just can’t understand why you brought it home. But you just smile, say you understand their point of view and then turn around and put it where you want; because it is after all expression of yourself.

So after all this discussion I think I’m ready to hop in my car and had to my favorite Garden Center…

Who knows what I’ll find! Maybe today I’ll find my own special piece of Yard Art.

Think Outside the Pot!

Wait! Don’t throw that out, it just might be the perfect container for that Fairy Garden that you’re making or to be used as a unusual container for garden.

It’s time we start thinking outside the pot. Look for different sources for containers and don’t always take the easy route. Just going and pulling a pot off the shelf can lead to ho-hum gardens when there are many other objects out there that could work really well as containers.


I can remember as a child, my grandfather taking an old tire, painting in the bright color and cutting the top part open so it looks like a flower. Ta-da, my grandmother had a new planter that she planted full of pansies.

Maybe to the generations before us, it wasn’t so much looking for unusual containers as it was being responsible and recycling old items into new purposes. Maybe it’s time that we are all started being responsible as well, there’s some beautiful items out there, that if you just use your imagination you can turn into a great planter.

Have you ever bought something you really liked, used it to serve its purpose for short time and then you got tired of? A perfect example is an old metal fire pit was purchased before the stone became so popular. Our customer use that for year and then didn’t like it anymore; so we cleaned it out and made it into a huge planter that sits on a wrought iron stand.


And just because a pot is broken doesn’t mean that needs to be thrown out either. Surely, you’ve seen the pictures of a play pot laying on it’s side in a landscape bed with annuals just filling out across the ground it makes for a beautiful site.

If you’re using a different container in your interiors, a simple way to avoid leakage is to line the bottom with heavy florist foil that will hold water and soil in. Don’t be afraid to try something completely different: a wood box, an old water bucket, an unused fountain or bird bath.

So it’s time to start looking at the items around you in a different light; trying figure out a new use for something before you throw it away. That beautiful broken cracked pot that used to belong to your grandmother can be perfect for miniature garden, or to hold an African Violet.


Those are just a few tips & I hope they work for you… remember think outside the pot!

What Does Your Garden Say About You?

Yesterday was a day of consults and contrast and by the end of the day I found myself reflecting on all I had seen…

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I find it amazing how much the landscaping plantings reflects our own personalities. From the well-manicured lawn to the Shabby Chic Garden, each one says something about the person who lives in the house that the landscape surrounds.

It was interesting to see that the lawyer that I met with yesterday had a well-manicured lawn shrubs that work in that were perfectly trimmed to frame the view to the river. And yet on the other side of the spectrum the naturalist we met with later was a throwback from another era. Her garden had no rhyme or reason to it, but everything had its place and looked well together.

Often landscaping not only reflects our personality, it reflects our needs for more practical applications. We may have a need for privacy and we plant plants will give us that, screening out the properties around us. Shade is an important element in any landscape, so planting tall trees with over lapping canopies become a necessity. Then there magnificent views that need to be shown off and enjoyed to the fullest. The landscaping around this area is actually used frame in the view and show it off to it’s full of potential.

And don’t forget the nature lovers who invite the birds and squirrels and any other little critters who want to make their home into their garden. They plant specifically to attract these type of animals; butterfly gardens are all the rage right now and when you plant a butterfly garden you’ll other birds as well.

So what kind of landscape do you have? Does really reflect your personality? Is your garden manicured and immaculate? Or are you more of a free-flowing nature loving gardener? Maybe you a little bit of both.

Take a look outside your window to actually see what’s out there, and find out how true your landscape is to your personality.