Fountains & Waterfalls: A Garden’s Charm

Close your eyes as you walk through a garden.  Suddenly you can hear everything.  Now imagine the sound of water.  Is it the gentle trickle from a small ornate fountain tucked in a corner, or the splashing of a small waterfall that is the focal point of the garden?
Water has been one of the major elements of the garden since the very beginning. I would bet that the Garden of Eden had water features in it: streams, falls, pools, I’m sure Adam and Eve enjoyed these eliminates as much as we do today.thB1PACHK3
But today our gardens are usually small compact areas, that we strive to create an oasis to enjoy and relax in.  As a result, the water features that we use have had to become smaller as well.  Thankfully there is a wide variety of fountains in sizes and styles that will meet almost every need.  Great works of art have inspired makers of fountains into combining statues with water.  Beautiful containers have become fountains with a simple addition of a bubbler added to it, after the drainage hole has been plugged.

Nature has provided great inspiration as well.  It is not uncommon to see a fountain with birds, forest animals or fish as the main focal point.  And then there are all sorts of comic, popular characters that find themselves with water pouring over them.  Fountains can also be used to create a meditative area, often with the style of the fountain reflecting a simplistic viewpoint.bbccc6ef589f57f97030214c7b6c1c5c

Yes, I think I can speak for most of us that we truly enjoy the addition of water to our gardens.  But for every pro there can be a con, and this is no exception.  Smaller fountains tend to have a water evaporation problem and if the water gets too low, then the pump can burn itself out.  Even larger fountains and waterfalls can have problems; too shady of an area and you can find your water feature is more of a spot for algae to grow and leaves to collect in.

But do not give up on your fountain, they are worth the effort that you put into them.  And if you find they are just too much work – well they make terrific planters too!


This blog was written from a one word challenge that I sent out to my readers.  Send me one word and see if I can create a gardening blog from it.  This Blog’s word was Fountain, from Marie.  Thanks Marie!  Feel free to join in the fun and send me your word, too.    


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