What’s in a Name?


I woke up this morning and knew I had to change the name of this blog!

Gossip can bring many images to mind: teenagers at the mall, neighbors talking over a fence, mothers stopping to talk with each other at the market…the list goes on.

But to me when you add the word “southern” a whole new image comes to my mind.  I’m picturing Southern Belles in beautiful gowns having tea on the veranda, picnics and porch swings.

Add in the concept of Gardens and I visualize color, palm trees, sweet scents, vast lawns, Spanish Moss, Orchids, Hibiscus and other exotic flowers.

Now I grew up in the north, so maybe I’ve romanticized the south a bit.  I’ve lived in the south for the last 30 + years and I KNOW that there is much more to think about: hot, hot summers, humidity that can make you wring your clothes out with, bugs bigger than small mammals, reptiles that should only be allowed in a zoo and of course those tropical storms.

Yet with all that, the southern garden can be breathtaking and full of small surprises.

So yes, I will take my romantic southern garden, because I am a southerner by choice!




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