Hoses: love ’em/hate ’em

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This past week we have finally gotten some beautiful weather: the sun was out every day, no rain and the temps were in the 80’s!  And let me tell you, the kids at the beach weren’t the only ones enjoying this change.  Every account I went to this week-the flowers were smiling!

With the warm weather, buds were opening, foliage was filling out, fertilizer was working its way into the plants systems and the soil was drying out.  And that meant that for the first time in a couple of weeks, I needed to get my hose out to water.

Now, hoses are a great tool for any gardener…I mean, really, who wants to haul around water buckets to the tone of 20 or 25 fill ups just to get your containers watered?

But the wrong hose can make the job so much more aggravating, tiring and time-consuming.  Have you ever tried to untangle a mass of yarn?  Well, believe me, it’s a lot harder to untangle certain types of hoses.

And there are so many types of hoses out there to select from: re-enforced, weather proof, pocket, coil, flex, boat, garden, expanding, Never-Kink, utility, drinking, heavy-duty, and that’s just the start.  Then you have different lengths and opening size; both which will affect the amount of pressure you have coming out the end.   I won’t even go into all the attachments and types of nozzles, just take my word for it that there is one for every kind of job.

Each type has its own pro’s and con’s – you just have to decide what works best for you.  I do know from experience that nothing will turn my husband from an easy-going gardener to on frustrated, mad man than having to deal with a hose that is not right for the job.  And we each like different kinds.  I like a coil hose, because it is easy for me to carry around, my husband likes a heavy-duty, re-enforced hose.

I can leave you with three tips for making the use of a hose around your garden a little easier…

1. store it properly: wind it up on a hose-reel or in a nice tight circle by the hose bib.

2.when you go to wind your hose up, leave the water running.  The pressure from the water running through it will help eliminate those annoying kinks.

3. when you are watering and going from pot to pot, if you can, have it cut across your pool, then it will feel almost weightless.

Until next time…Enjoy your time in the Garden!


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